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Very recently, CPC4 module repair has become extremely important to the trucking industry. New CPC modules have become extremely hard to come by and have been on national backorder for months. We know that truckers need to get back on the road, so we’ve created custom solutions to the CPC shortage.

What is a CPC4?

CPC stands for Common Powertrain Controller and it is the interface between the MCM and the vehicle/equipment functions like the odometer, gas & brake pedals, and fuel gauge. They are extremely important to the functionality of your truck. Without a well-working CPC, your Freightliner will be stuck on the side of the road until you fix it or get a new one.

You can find an entire virtual manual for the CPC here: Link

Why Work With Truck ECM?

  • With over 11 years of experience, we’ve put the time into researching these modules extensively.
  • There are no internal components we cannot repair or replace in the CPC module.
  • We offer a 1-year warranty on all CPC modules sent to us.

The Repairing Process

At Truck ECM, we have a detailed process that helps us get your CPC4 module to you faster while also making sure it lasts.

We start by cleaning and inspecting the outer core for any cracks or holes. Then we replace any electronic components that are not functioning properly or are about to fail. We remove any corrosion or residue that may have leaked inside the ECM and apply a new coating to protect your module from humidity and dust.

For more information on our module repair service click here.

Fix Your CPC Today

Fill out the required forms in the link below to get started or call us directly to set up a repair. We’re able to streamline the repair of your CPC Module when you send us your engine serial number, horsepower, transmission, rear axle & tire data.



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Get back on the road faster with our expedited repairs and 1-2 day shipping across America. We've fixed thousands of ECMs and look forward to working with you.

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Understand exactly what wrong with your ECM and how to fix it. We explain the issue in simple terms, and provide solutions for fixes or if you need a new module.

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Fill out the needed forms so we can streamline your CPC fix. Get back on the road faster with our faster turnaround times