Our Services


Don’t want to go to different places to get your module diagnosed, repaired, and then programmed?

We offer all the control module services you will need. This prevents any downtime or issues that are involved in having to go to different places to get a complete solution. The idea of being a One-Stop-Shop started from the very beginning of our business, when we noticed customers had to get their modules repaired in one place and then had to take it someplace else to get it programmed, causing delays and wasted money in cases where the other place could not program it, leaving the customer without a solution.

That is why we became the One-Stop-Shop. We diagnose, remove, repair, quality test, install and program all the modules that we work on. So you don’t have to go somewhere else.

Providing Quality Repairs

We cover every part of diagnosing, repairing, exchanging, and shipping. Get back on the road faster by using Truck ECM for your ECM needs.