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Running a diagnostic on your ECM module can help you understand exactly what is wrong with your truck, however, not all tests are the same. Our ECM testing services are comprehensive, and we explain in easily understandable terms what your next step in fixing the problem should be.

What ECMs Are Included?

We run ECM diagnostics on the units for:

  • DDEC V
  • Cummins Celect (L10, M11 and N14)
  • Cummins Celect Plus (M11 and N14)

Symptoms of a Bad ECM

  • Check engine light comes on.
  • Your start having engine performance issues.
  • Poor fuel efficiency.
  • The truck won’t start.
  • Transmission complications.

The Rebuilding Process

We start by scanning for faulty codes that can impede your Freightliner performance. We also check for loose or broken plug and pin connections, bad solenoids, cracks on the surface of the unit, and water & oil damage. To make sure it’s ready to be reinstalled, we run a series of tests on your ECM. These include bench tests, Electronic Engine Simulations, and internal component verification tests. Once we’ve collected the diagnostic data, we have a personal consolation with you to decide what the next course of action should be. We go the extra mile to make sure that your module is safe to use for the long drives ahead.

Here is a Troubleshooting manual that explains each error: Click Here

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Fill out the required forms in the link below to get started or call us directly to set up a repair. We’re able to streamline the repair of your CPC Module when you send us your engine serial number, horsepower, transmission, rear axle & tire data.


CPC4 Modules are on national backorder. Replace or fix your current module with us.

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