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REProgram Your ECM

CAT ECM, Detroit Diesel ECM, Cummins ECM, repair.

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Programming your ECM may be necessary when there is no real damage to your Module but it needs to be updated to bring it to its original configuration. In some cases, you may need to modify existing programming to improve the performance of your engine.

Starting Price

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 106 reviews

ECM Programming    $ 350

Prices can vary depending on the market demands.


What Does an ECM Reprogramming Fix?

  • Improves your truck’s performance
  • Get better fuel mileage
  • Adjust horsepower and max speed
  • Increase torque to the engine

The Reprogramming Process

Your engine is built to last. However, after a while, it stops working like a factory new Freightliner. Parts become worn from friction, and constant vibration may loosen parts. These parts of our truck may not be so bad that they warrant replacement, but your ECM should be reprogrammed to compensate for the more road-worn condition. If your ECM is optimized, your engine can run much more efficiently, saving you money.

How Often Should I Tune My ECM?

Many repair shops will tell you to reprogram your ECM every few years. However, it’s usually only completely necessary when you’re having problems with your air-to-fuel ratio & ignition timing. In rare cases, there may be a recall or mandatory update that’s issued by the manufacturers in order for your Truck to run safe.