Common Ways Your CPC4 Module Gets Damaged

  • Common Ways Your CPC4 Module Gets Damaged

    Common Ways Your CPC4 Module Gets Damaged

    With modern-day diesel vehicles getting more and more complex each year it’s smart to get an understanding of the parts your engine uses, like your CPC4.

    What Does A CPC4 Module Do?

    The CPC4 (Common Powertrain Controller) is a module that acts as a communication device between the various modules in your truck. The CPC gets information from the other modules such as the MCM (Motor Control Module) and ECM (Engine Control Module) and calculates the power that the truck has to deliver if the throttle is pressed.

    If the CPC detects an internal issue or fails it shuts down your throttle for safety reasons.

    Common CPC4 Problems

    The most common problem you will find with a failed CPC is deal throttle. The CPC module depends on data it receives from other modules. If the CPC breaks or stops receiving data from the other modules, it shuts down the throttle. Another common problem is an empty DEF gauge or the CPC identifies as another module like a CPC2.

    CPC Failure Codes

    When experiencing any issues with a CPC4 you should use a diagnostic tool like a diesel laptop or DDDL. The regular SPN codes you might see are:

    – 91 / FMI 8 – Accelerator pedal signal 1 missing

    – 609 / FMI 12 – CPC hardware failure

    – 3510 / FMI 4 – Accelerator pedal supply voltage failed low

    – 2623 / FMI 8 – Accelerator pedal signal 2 missing

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