Common Ways Your ECM Gets Damaged

  • Common Ways Your ECM Gets Damaged

    Common Ways Your ECM Gets Damaged

    Regular Ways Your ECM Breaks

    Modern day trucks are becoming more and more complex each year. A truck could have multiple ECM’s just to make sure it will run smooth. Damaged ECM’s can make your truck just not run as smooth as it used to or even making your vehicle COMPLETELY hopeless and not running at all. Learn how to protect your ECM below.

    What Damaged the Engine Control Module?

    Besides old age and regular wear and tear there are other ways an ECM breaks. Outside of that, there are ways to prevent common issues from coming up such as:


    Given enough time, high temperatures make the key parts of an ECM to catch fire or melt. This is caused by combustible substances or materials from the manufacturer of the ECM or area around the ECM. The weather where we are located regularly brings incredible heat, high humidity / moisture and heavy rain that slowly destroy ECM’s. It’s best to keep vehicles covered or in a garage for protection from the elements.

    Battery Power Surges to The ECM

    Everyone needs a jump from time to time but using heavy duty jumper packs to start your battery can cause a power surge from the battery to an ECM. This effortlessly overheats components that reside on the circuit board. Its important to match your device power with what you are using in your vehicle.

    Water Damage

    ECM’s are basically packed with electronics and other delicate parts; when they get wet they are ruined. Ordinary methods of water damage come from doors & windows, leaks around body panel gaps, and cowl panels. This is ample reason to make sure even small problems like leaky window seals get fixed. Make sure to protect from your truck from flooding and trying to not drive through puddles more than 3-5 inches deep.

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