Recall of Cummins Engines From 25+ Manufacturers

  • Recall of Cummins Engines From 25+ Manufacturers

    Recall of Cummins Engines From 25+ Manufacturers

    Cummins Engines Recall For Stalling Problems Affects All Diesel Manufacturers

    Over 12,000 engines have been recalled by Cummins Inc. as a result of Engine Control Module (ECM) malfunctions causing engine stalling and needlessly increasing the risk of an accident. Cummins reached out to clients and mentioned there is a safety related flaw in some X15, X12, L9 and B6.7 engines that were made between May 13 and June 28, of 2022.

    Cause of Cummins Stalling Issue

    Cummins stalling issues were caused by a screw located in the supplier’s selective solder fixture slipping out of position. This pushes an electrolytic capacitor frame into the printed circuit board during manufacture.  This produces an internal electrical short circuit that soon causes an engine stall with absolutely no warning. The engine is inoperable until it’s undergone ECM and possibly fuse replacement.

    Original Equipment Manufacturer Finds the Problem

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was told by Cummins that an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) got in contact with Vitesco, their ECM supplier on June, 21 2022. It turns out that ECM’s with possibly damaged Printed Circuit Board’s (PCB) were manufactured on May 16 – June 2. Supply chain issues also caused a handful of engines to be built without ECM’s and would later have the faulty ECM installed some time after the beginning of May. Thankfully, the problem was found early and was contained at engine and vehicle OEM plants.

    Cummins encountered two reports suggesting on-road engine stalling in mid June through mid July. The ECM’s are to be replaced for free. There are no reports of injuries or accidents as a result of the ECM’s.

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