How to Decide if Your CAT ECM Needs Service

  • How to Decide if Your CAT ECM Needs Service

    How to Decide if Your CAT ECM Needs Service

    In general, CAT Engine Control Modules and ECMs have brought many changes to the automotive industry. The CAT ECM has become an essential tool for all vehicles that need to travel long distances. Because of this, foreseeing ECM problems can be difficult. A small problem with a CAT ECM can lead to much bigger problems down the line and could end up costing even more money.

    Common Problems

    Our professionals can identify issues and suggest solutions to CAT ECM problems but here’s how you can pinpoint problems.

    Multitude of Problems Early

    Getting a new CAT vehicle or engine that functions perfectly but you are already receiving reports of engine problems could mean your ECM is faulty. If you don’t find any problems with the engine then there is a good chance your device is faulty.

    No Warning for Serious Engine Problems

    Not getting a warning of a big problem with the engine could mean the ECM is broken. You should consider replacing or repairing your ECM if the engine has a major problem and you didn’t get a warning prior.

    Suspicious Maintenance Signs Appearing

    If you are suspect of a faulty ECM in your vehicle it could be from the weather. Having very high temperatures, flooding and heavy rain can make your device give bad readings or none at all. Also power surges from jump starting a battery can give you ECM problems.

    Buy new ECMs or contact us for ECM repair and questions.




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