Troubleshooting Your CPC4 Module

  • Troubleshooting Your CPC4 Module

    Troubleshooting Your CPC4 Module


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    Troubleshooting your CPC4 module

    has become increasingly important in recent years. There is a significant national backorder for new CPC modules, and they are no longer as readily available. Given that trucks must start driving, we have developed specialized CPC shortage solutions. Our skilled team of engineers has dealt with many different damaged or malfunctioning truck CPC modules. To keep our client’s costs as low as possible, our primary goal, whenever we come across a failing unit, is to salvage as much as we can. Truck ECM has the equipment and expertise required to efficiently address your problems, whether they are associated with an engine that stalls or misfires, poor engine performance, problems with the injectors, decreased fuel economy, or an engine that won’t start at all. When conducting repairs, many experts in the trucking sector will cut corners, make rash choices, and randomly swap out parts.


    Our Troubleshooting Process

    Any electrical components that are broken or about to fail are replaced as part of our vehicle ECM repair procedure.

    We’ll clean it and check the outside core for cracks or holes. Removing any rust that may have permeated the ECM and recoating it to protect it from dust and humidity.

    Our diesel ECM repair services are superior to those of our competitors because we only utilize electronic components that are as high-quality as OEM specifications. We also employ the top equipment and materials on the market to perform our services. We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service because we want to get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible.  

    Some of the modules that need to be fixed today are:

    A0034461002 / 001

    A0034461002 / 002

    A0034461002 / 003

    A0034461002 / 004

    A0034461002 / 005

    A0034461102 / 002

    A0034461102 / 003

    A0034461102 / 004

    A0034461102 / 005

    A0034461202 / 001

    A0034461302 / 001

    A0064463402 / 001  


    It is advised to have the CPC repaired if you notice:

    Your truck is experiencing a dead throttle, no-start, or internal failure, Check Engine Light is on, the ABS Light staying on, DEF Light staying on, and Instrument Cluster loses communication.

    Also if CPC reads as a different module (reads as CPC2, TCM, etc.), CPC Hardware Failure Fault Code SPN 609 FMI 12.


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