What You Need To Know About Your Cummins ECM Reprogramming Software

  • What You Need To Know About Your Cummins ECM Reprogramming Software

    What You Need To Know About Your Cummins ECM Reprogramming Software

    A large clump of diesel truck consumers are always trying to purchase Detroit Diesel, CAT, and Cummins ECM reprogramming software. Before you can reprogram your Engine Control Module (ECM) you need to be 100% sure it’s the right call.

    Programming or Parameter Changes

    When an end-user tries to do programming they could be using the wrong terminology. Changing the engine parameters is not actually programming. Some common parameter changes are:

    -Maximum Road Speed

    -PTO Settings

    -Idle Shutdown Timer Adjustments

    -Maximum Cruise Control Speeds

    Modern ECMs have hundreds of parameter changes that can be made. There is a multitude of tools available to do this that range from OEM software to aftermarket software such as PF-Diagnose, TEXA IDC5, and many others. New software can make way more parameter changes than an after-market one.

    Cummins and Diesel ECM Reprogramming Software

    Even though you can reprogram your ECM on your own doesn’t mean you should. Many operators find themselves in a sticky situation after programming their ECM incorrectly. With more sophisticated trucks there is a lot of traffic on your vehicle connectors. These include your transmission, ABS, GPS, engine, cab controllers and many others. So even though you can program or reprogram through your dash connector it isn’t recommended unless all the fuses get pulled out from your other ECMs.

    Best Programming Practices and Decisions

    Its always recommended to see a professional when dealing with a technical part like an ECM before you make any changes. If you have to do it yourself the best way to program an ECM is to bypass the datalink entirely and connect straight to the ECM. This would allow you to program ECMs both on the vehicle and on the workbench.

    Its also recommended to back up your ECM before making any changes and printing all engine parameters to PDF or regular paper, so you have a backup as well. Failure to backup your current engine configuration can turn a 30-minute job into an entire day of work.

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