When To Repair Or Replace A Truck ECM

  • When To Repair Or Replace A Truck ECM

    When To Repair Or Replace A Truck ECM

    When your vehicle isn’t starting and a battery jump or other regular troubleshooting doesn’t help your truck ECM (Engine Control Module) could be the problem. The ECM is the brain of your engine and controls your power control module, the ignition, your engine timing, and other important engine functions.

    Common Truck ECM Failure Signs

    Besides your truck not starting here are 4 signs of possible ECM failure:

    -Decreased Engine Performance.  If it is suddenly difficult for your vehicle to go up hills or accelerate down an entrance ramp, for example, you could have a damaged truck ECM.

    -Check Engine Light Won’t Reset.  Your check engine light can turn on for dozens of reasons but if there are no problems with your engine then it could be your ECM is acting up.

    -Stalling and Misfiring of the Engine.  When you misfire or stall it usually means you have a problem with your engine timing. Since this is one of the main functions of an ECM it could be the problem.

    -Decreased Fuel Efficiency.  Your ECM is partially in control of your fuel to air ratio. If it lets in too much fuel your gas mileage will obviously get worse.

    Repair Or Replace?

    Your truck ECM will definitely need to be replaced if it experiences bad physical damage. This can be caused by power surges, strong heat, lightning strikes, short-circuiting, and water damage. There is also the rare case that your ECM needs software changes. This can potentially be fixed with the right tools and software. Overall, it is usually gonna make more sense to completely replace your ECM but it can’t hurt to have our mechanics take a look at it to decide if it can be refurbished.

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