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    ECM Diagnostic Test


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    ECM Testing Services & Diagnostics

    When your truck’s ECM unit isn’t performing like it should, let the talented and experienced team at TRUCK ECM run a series of diagnostic tests to identify the problem. Our ECM testing services are comprehensive; we begin with carefully scanning the unit for faulty codes that can impede its performance. We then perform a thorough examination to check for loose or broken plug and pin connections, bad solenoids, cracks on the surface of the unit, and water and oil damage. Next, we run a series of tests, including bench tests, Electronic Engine Simulations, and internal component verification tests. These ECM tests are also available for all of the parts we remanufacture and sell. We can also test the unit on an engine for DDEC III, DDEC IV, DDEC V, Cummins Celect (L10, M11 and N14) and Cummins Celect Plus (M11 and N14). After all of the diagnostic data is collected and a final inspection is complete, we have a personal consolation with you to decide what the next course of action should be.

    We recommend our ECM testing services when:

    • Your mechanic diagnoses or suspects of a bad ECM.
    • You just want to check the ECM for proper performance.
    • You don’t know what’s wrong with your truck.
    • There is a Check Engine light on.

    We are the best option to diagnose your ECM because we specialize in Cat, Cummins and Detroit ECMs only. We can get you back on the road fast and to an optimal performance.

    Value to customer:
    You will not have to spend money on a new ECM if you don’t need one to begin with! After our ECM tests, we will also make recommendations on how to prevent your ECM from going bad again, if the problem was caused by something external to the ECM, such as: bad injectors, wiring problems, bad solenoids, etc.

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